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Tiny Kernel!

Cool uh? it's a tiny kernel (YES, a simple Linux ELF Kernel) written with C and it only display texts. here is a 32bit image (iso) that you can test on a virtual machine.
[ISO] size: 630,0 kB (645120 byte)

NoRSX is now a real PSL1GHT Lib

Finally i setup my lib to be built as a real lib. in fact it will build now a libNoRSX.a This lib will be installed inside the PORTLIBS directory. it uses also a new header #include <NoRSX.h> (it will include always all the functions) I noticed also that all the homebrews built with this lib will be also less heavier then the old one! to install it, just run make. it will build also the example. this has been tested with the latest PSL1GHT version. to include this lib, just add into the Makefile the -lNoRSX flag :D (if you have problems, give a look into the NoRSX Example folder). THIS LIB IS JUST FOR PSL1GHT V2 this doesn't work on v1. but it can be ported easily.

the download page is always the same: [DOWNLOAD]